Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Is What $275 of Groceries Looks Like!

Pictured above is $275 worth of groceries. Think about it.. If you were to randomly run into a store and purchase items that are not on sale and/or do not have a coupon for, this is all you would get for your $275. I carry my binder EVERYWHERE! You just never know...

Today I went shopping at three grocery stores: Bi-Lo, Publix and Foodlion. The picture above shows everything listed below:


1 Dixie Large Bowls

2 Dixie Medium Bowls

2 Dixie Lunch Plates

2 Dixie Large Plates

4 Marcal Facial Tissue

2 Tylenol Precise Heat Patches

2 Bakery Goods

Price: $57.58

What I Paid: $12.21

Food Lion

13 Sobe Water

3 All Detergent

2 Digiorno Pizza w/ Sides

2 Bayer Aspirin

2 6ct Scott Mega Roll

Price: $74.98

What I paid: $27.93


4 12 PK Pepsi Products

2 Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

4 Wet Ones Wipes

1 Fresh Express Salad

3 Lean Cuisine Meals

17 Crystal Light Drink Mixes

2 Dial Nutriskin Body Washes

4 Solo Plates

1 Box Huggies

Price: $143.03

What I Paid: $51.37

Total Retail Cost Before Coupons/Discounts: $275.60

Total Spent: $91.51